Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites - 10/24


Happy Friday!  After days of rain, I'm looking forward to a beautiful fall weekend.   My favorites this week are all about my girls' activities.  I spend a lot of time taking them to and from their activities and watching them do the things they love.

ONE - Soccer
I love watching Maddie play soccer.  She has great determination.
She loves to play goalie.  She's really good at it too.  I have to admit, I've surprised myself with how nervous I get when she's in the goal!  
Little sister likes to hang out at the games.
TWO - Swim  
Lily and Maddie both take swim lessons and they love it.  This year is Lily's first time and I'm really proud of her for doing such a great job.  She loves it!
Maddie's been taking swimming for a few years now and loves her new instructor.  She's working on earning a silver medal.  
THREE - Choir
Maddie auditioned for the Long Island Children's Choir at the recommendation of her music teacher last spring.  She made it!  I'm very proud of her.  She was very nervous about auditioning, and then after being accepted, very nervous to actually go and do it when she didn't know anyone.  After the first practice, she absolutely loved it!  This past weekend was her first performance. She performed at the Oyster Festival.  
I just loved seeing her up on the stage.  So proud of her!

FOUR - Rides
Okay, this one isn't an activity. (But wouldn't it be great if going on rides was one?  How fun to get to do that each week!).  But, at the Oyster Festival, the two big girls sure did have a great time whipping around on the rides.  Love the joy in these pictures.
If I asked my kids, I bet they would agree that all four of these are their favorite things as well.

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites - 10/17


So happy it's Friday!  Things have been crazy and fun around here.  Our fall weekends have been jam-packed with busy and fun.  Oktoberfest, apple picking, a photo shoot, pumpkin picking, dinners with friends, football watching, soccer games, a bridal shower, and a 20 year high school reunion.  It has been a whirlwind.

ONE - Pumpkins
I love pumpkin picking and I love that we have authentic pumpkin patches near us where we can pick the pumpkins off the vines.  Our day of pumpkin picking is one of my most favorite fall traditions.  We had such a great day.  These pumpkins were labeled "fancy pumpkins".  I think "funky pumpkins" would be a better fit.
I love the little market at our pumpkin patch.  We picked up a stalk of these Brussels sprouts:
These two loved every second.
TWO - High School Reunion
Last weekend was my 20 year high school reunion.  I'm not sure how that's possible since I'm still only 30.   Here's what I looked like in my senior picture 20 years ago:
Yikes.  That was some hair I had.  Everyone at the reunion kept telling me that I look exactly the same.  After seeing this picture, I was thinking, I hope not!  I'd like to think my hair has greatly improved over the years.  

We didn't have great attendance (only about 35 graduates out of 120), but we had a great time and it was nice to catch up with everyone.
THREE - Football Party
Friends of ours bought an 12 foot outdoor screen and had a football party on Sunday night.  We watched the Sunday night Giants game and ate delicious tailgate foods.  So much fun!
FOUR - Photo Shoot
A few weeks ago we had a family photo shoot.  Love these sweet kids.
FIVE - Family Planner
Since I've been back to work, I have relied heavily on our family planner and my Erin Condren life planner to keep track of everything.  Everything goes in my life planner (this is my first year with one and I love it!).  Each weekend, I sit down with my planner and fill out our family planner for the upcoming week.  
I hang it up in the kitchen for all to see and I include everything - all the classes, activities, meetings.  I make notes about what days Maddie needs sneakers for P.E., her library book, and when she's buying lunch.  I write down which days Matt or I need to leave early for work, which recycling needs to be put out, and reminders for myself.  At the bottom, I write down what we're having for dinner each night.  Our weekly planner has not only helped to keep me on track, but it's a great reference for Matt, our babysitter, and even Maddie.  Everyone knows what's going on each day so there's no miscommunication.  

Our weekly planner has been essential to things running as smoothly as possible around here each week.  You can find our family planner here and the Erin Condren life planner here.

SIX - Shopping Buddies
Last week I needed to go to Old Navy to return a few things.  The girls insisted we stop and play with the "pretend girls", AKA mannequins.  Maddie tied one of the mannequins' shoes:
Then they began striking poses with their "friends" and asking me to take pictures:
These girls crack me up.  I love how they make a simple errand into an event.

SEVEN - Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread
We're still working through our apples - they're almost gone!  I made this Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread from Mix and Match Mama.
It was a huge hit!  Simple and delicious.

EIGHT - Columbus Day Playdate
I love having a day off from work.  What's even better?  Spending the morning at the park with great friends on a beautiful fall day when I'm off from work.  Seven of my most favorite kids swinging together:
This weekend will be full of fun.  Tomorrow we're headed to the Bronx Zoo (we go every October - so much fun all decorated for fall) and on Sunday we're going to the Oyster Festival for the first time where Maddie will perform with her choir.  Happy weekend!