Monday, October 5, 2015

September Little Things

September came and went and truthfully, it was rough.  It was a month full of adjustment.  There were lots of fun and great moments, but the adjustment back to school and work was rough.

This was a unique September in that there were a lot of days off.  Don't get me wrong - I LOVED the days off and being home with the girls, but I think that made for a tough transition.  It was hard for all of us to get into a routine.

We've had one girl struggling with additional responsibility at school and some attitude at home.  We've had another girl having difficulty finding the right ways of getting the attention she craves and getting used to school. We started a behavior plan to help with things at home, which has helped and both girls are figuring it all out.

I've had trouble trying to balance and remember it all.  Things I love like reading books, and things I need like a consistent exercise routine have been nonexistent, which is frustrating to me. 

Even with all of its stresses, September 2015 was a good one with lots of sweet moments to remember.

We had a 2nd grader who couldn't wait one more minute for school to begin.  She was SO excited and loves it:
We had a preschooler who was excited it was finally her turn to go to school and is making lots of new friends:
We celebrated back-to-school with our annual 1st day of school cake:
We went Apple Picking.  Always one of our favorite days of September:
Apple picking always ends with cider doughnuts.  So delicious:
Gorgeous sunflower field:
We always love Nesconset Day:
Soccer is in full swing.  Matt is coaching Lily's team this season.  Aside from one game when she refused to play, Lily has been enjoying playing:
Maddie's having a great season and is thrilled to be back with her old team:
The beginning of September was so hot.  It was hotter than it had been all summer. The first days of school were disgustingly hot and humid.  With no air conditioning in school, it was torture.  But, luckily these two didn't suffer.  They beat the heat at the splash park:
We had lots of days off between Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur.  We filled them up with fun.  Out to lunch to celebrate Grammy's birthday:
We had a visit to see Aunt Mary Ann:
Matt and Maddie had a blast at Splish Splash:
We celebrated with family at my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a great night:
We played mini-golf:
Labor Day was fabulous this year.  Since school began before Labor Day this year, I actually truly enjoyed Labor Day.  Usually it's the day before the 1st day of school, so it's a stressful, anxiety-filled day.  This year, since the first week was behind us, I was really able to relax and enjoy.  It was the best Labor Day I've ever had.

We said good-bye to summer with a dinner picnic on the beach on Labor Day.

Goodbye summer:

My Parent Information Night is always the 2nd week of school.  After 17 years, I still get so nervous!  Cheers to it being over!
These two crack me up. They are thick as thieves and love to play silly games with each other and make each other laugh.  Annie gets so upset if Lily is upset.  She'll tell us, "Lily crying!  Lily crying!" and almost starts crying herself.  They have this little game where they lift up their shirts and bump bellies.  I have no idea how they thought up this one but it's so funny:
Annie loves to walk around wearing the American Girl doll's glasses:
A favorite game around our house right now is Disney Headbandz:
My all-American cuties all dressed up for September 11th:
These girls need to relax a little.  Tough life:
This is what a little more than a week's worth of milk looks like in our house these days:
I think my favorite day this month was a day off we had for Rosh Hashanah at the aquarium.  It was the most beautiful day.  The weather was just glorious.  I took the girls to the aquarium. This is the first time Annie was old enough to walk around the aquarium and she LOVED it!
I think Starfish are so cool:
The girl played on these rides for about 10 minutes.  I had no quarters, so we didn't turn them on.  These three didn't seem to mind:
Selfies with my favorite girls:
The sea lion show is always a big hit:
Maddie loves touching the sea life.  Here she is holding a starfish:
and touching a stingray:
After the aquarium, we went to Christmas Tree Shops and did a little shopping.  On our way home, we called our best friends to see if they wanted to meet us at the park.  They were free, so when we got home, we walked down to the park for a playdate.  The little girls loved the wagon ride:
We fed the ducks at our pond:
Then the girls played for hours at the park while my girlfriend and I got caught up. We didn't get home until 6:15.  It was such a perfect day off!

The next day we were off again and it was another great day.  We met Matt at work and went lunch:
Then we went to Target.  We didn't anything and had nowhere to be, so we just had a kid trip to Target.  The kids just walked around and got to look at the Halloween stuff and the toys.  They loved it:
This costume cracked me up:
Maddie and Lily really wanted to get Sketchers for their back-to-school sneakers.  They saw the commercials and were obsessed with the memory foam.  They kept telling me, "Mom - it's like walking on pillows!"  Well played Sketchers advertising team, well played.  Annie looks so cute in here.  When she's wearing them, she walks around saying, "Sketchers! Sketchers!":
After a bumpy 2nd day of school, Lily is really loving preschool now.  She's very excited about it and talks about her friends and all of the things they do.  The girls love taking a before school picture together.  Annie is pretty sad that she doesn't get to go too!
This is what a weekend morning looks like as a working mom.  Trying to get a handle on all of the stuff.
We went to a Kite Festival.  We had never been before and it was really fun.  The kids loved it.

A little ice cream to end a fun afternoon:
Lily became a fairy at the Disney Store:
Annie lines her little figures us by the TV.  It is so cute:
Entertaining themselves during Lily's soccer game:
We went to see a Mets/Yankees game.  Yankees win!!!!
We checked out the old World's Fair sights on our long walk back to the car after the game:
On one of our days off we went to an Open House at the Little Gym.  All summer, Annie would get so mad when we would drop Maddie and Lily off there for their camp once a week and she couldn't stay.  When we walked into Little Gym on this day, she started crying because she thought she couldn't stay.  It took her a few minutes to warm up and realize that she could play too.  Once she figured it out, she was in heaven.  She loved it so so much.  
So did her sisters:
The big girls and I went to an apple class at our favorite farm:
We had a family game night:
I get these great pictures from my babysitter while I'm at work.  Makes my day:
As much as I love September, I'm okay with seeing it end.  We're ready.  This month, I'm hoping everyone feels more adjusted and settled into a routine, that I handle all of my stresses with more grace, that I'm able to work on fitting in exercise consistently, and that I have things more together in October.