Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites - February 5th

Fri-day!!!!  Aren't Fridays the best?  I had written this whole post and woke up this morning to find out we have a SNOW DAY!!!!  Is there anything better than that on a Friday?  I think not!  This little storm came out of nowhere.  When I went to bed we were supposed to get 2-4 inches and now the forecast is up to 8-10 inches.  What a fun surprise!  

This weekend we're geared up for the Superbowl around here.  I'm not a big football fan, but I love a theme, a fun party, good food, and spending time with great friends!  

Every year we have a small party with a few families.  Such a fun little tradition. 

This year I'm rooting for the Broncos because of Peyton Manning, of course.  If Eli and the Giants can't be in it, then we should root for the brother!  

ONE - Pictures
Every year before the party, I try to get a picture of the girls all decked out in their Giants gear.  This is last year's picture (Annie would NOT sit with her sisters!):
Two years ago (so little!!!!): 

TWO - Food
For appetizers, we always have lots of snacks and dips (isn't that the best part of a Superbowl party?).  To make things simpler last year, I picked a few different dips and just had tortilla chips and veggies for dipping.  It made things SO much easier not to have different kinds of chips.  I think I'm going to do the same things this year. 

This year I really want to try to make this: 
Have you seen the Delish video on Facebook to make this?  You can check it out HERE.  Looks simple - we'll see! 

THREE - Desserts
I always make a football cake or cupcakes:
Last year I made marshmallow pops:
I also made these football chocolate-covered strawberries.  So cute, simple, and delicious: 

FOUR - Activities
Now that the kids are older, they are more into watching the game than just running around and playing.  Last year I printed out these BINGO games: 
They were a big hit.

This year I may try out a new one.  Check this one out (HERE).

I'm also thinking of having some football-themed Minute To Win It games set up for the kids for the pre-game show.  We'll see!

Happy Superbowl weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Little Things

I have to say, I'm not sad to see January come to an end.  It's just not my favorite month, and now we're one month closer to Spring! 

I love going through the month's pictures each month doing this post.  It's the little things that I want to remember.  

We started out January with some sick kids and a doctor's visit:
This girl had had a busy day and fell asleep on the way to get our haircuts (I love when the kids fall asleep in the car - so sweet):
Post haircut Chick-fil-A for dinner:

Lily LOVES school and is always playing "teacher" and saying things her teachers say.  One day she made "Polar Bear Pops" for snack and insisted we make them at home.  She was so funny.  She had us all sit around the table and gave us step-by-step directions to make our pops.  She was so proud to be the teacher!:
We hit up a best friend's birthday party:
We brought some friends to NYC for Maddie's concert:
Love these kids:
I always love Maddie's concerts.  The LICC is such a great organization:
I love how Annie and Lily are Maddie's biggest fans (and how my husband loves a goofy picture):
I just love watching Maddie perform.  So proud of her:
Snowed in for the weekend with a blizzard calls for some smiley face pancakes:
And bunny pancakes:
I think they were a hit:
Annie is just getting into puzzles.  I'm so impressed with how much she can do:
We painted some masterpieces:
The kids LOVED this and I love how they turned out:
Lots of game playing this month:
We had lots of snow (30 inches!), but it all happened on a weekend, so no school snow days for us!  It was beautiful coming down and nice to have a weekend where we had to just be together and have fun and relax.  Hopefully this was our one and only storm:
These girls love snow way more than I do:
Little sister had had enough snow, and had fun watching from the warmth inside:
The girls are always cracking themselves up by doing a conga line through the house:
I went out with some girlfriends for a paint night. So much fun:
Maddie had a camp night for PARP:
We said good-bye to our green den and did some painting:
These two loved their "boat" while we dismantled the TV cabinet:
I had a few helpers:
Matt had lots of company watching football:
The minute they saw me take the picture, they came running over to me shouting, "Can I see it?":
We took a trip to Costco:
I guess Annie was over the pictures:
A light week of shopping (HA!):
I gave blood (I may be crazy but I love donating blood):
The little girls were thrilled to have some "tablet time" while they were waiting for Maddie during Religion:
Making snow angels on the new rug;
Swimming lessons:
I love getting pictures like these from my babysitter while I'm at work.  Makes my day to see these sweet faces:
I became obsessed with binge-watching Scandal.  What took me so long to watch this show?:
Maddie is always doing things to make us laugh:
And so are these two (Annie has really discovered how to make us laugh and how to do things on purpose to make everyone laugh):
A visit with sweet Violet, my cousin's daughter:
We finished up January with a quick trip to the mall and a quick stop to check out the Communion dresses at Macy's.  Maddie LOVES this one: 
We'll see!  We have a few other stores to check out before making the final decision. 

It was a fun, quiet, productive January.