Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites - 8/29

Here we are. Labor Day weekend.  4 days to go until school starts.  4 days left of summer fun.  And then, my favorite time of year begins.  

September 1st - December 31st is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love it all.  The apples.  The pumpkins.  The leaves.  Back to School.  Halloween. Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  The decorating.  The traditions.  Sweatshirts and sweaters.  Cool, crisp days.   I can't wait.  

Although we are looking forward to our last hurrah this weekend, we are so over summer here - the kids included.  We had the best summer, but frankly, I think we wore ourselves out.  No one wants to put sunscreen on any more.  No one wants to swim (our pool is way too cold anyway).  Everyone is ready for the structure and routine that a new school year brings.  We will fill the next 4 days with loads of summer fun and then we will wave good-bye to this amazing summer and begin a great new season.

Here are some of my favorite things about September that I am most looking forward to:

ONE - Back To School
This one is a little bittersweet.  I hate leaving my girls all day and giving up my days with them, but we are more than ready for some routine and structure to our days around here.  Maddie's excited, but nervous, about being a 1st grader.  She got the teacher she was hoping for and has some good friends in her class.  I'm moving up to 5th grade this year, and I have some students in my class that I had when I taught 3rd grade.  Here's hoping we make a smooth transition and have a great school year!
TWO - Apple Picking
One of our favorite family traditions.  We usually bring home about 30 pounds of apples and we make applesauce, baked goods, and eat them for snacks.  Believe it or not, they do not last very long around here!  
THREE - Soccer
Maddie can't wait to get back on the soccer field.  This year, Lily will be playing for the first time as well.  She is more than thrilled to be a participant rather than a spectator.  In fact, Lily keeps telling us, "Now I play.  Maddie can watch me and yell 'Go Lily, Go!  Go Lily, Go!'   Ha!  Poor little sister.
FOUR - Annie Walking
Any day now Annie will let go and start walking on her own.  She cruises around holding onto the furniture.  This week she started walking holding onto the shopping cart.  We think this exciting milestone will happen very soon!

FIVE - Nesconset Day
Our town has a fun festival at the beginning of September.  Last year was our first year going and we had a great time.  The kids can't wait to go again this year!

SIX - A Fresh Start
I always feel like the beginning of September is a clean slate.  Kind of like New Year's Day.  It's a fresh start to do what you want and be who you want to be.  Our home and school/work desks are packed with fresh, new supplies.  Maddie will have different kids in her class and make some new friends.  She will be starting some new extra-curricular activities.  I will be on a new grade level and work with different colleagues.  Lily and Annie will be home with a new babysitter instead of going to day care.  We will have many changes around here.  It's truly a fresh start for our family!

Happy September!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Last night we took Maddie and Lily to a Long Island Ducks baseball game.  It's a very family-friendly environment, and the stadium is small so all of the seats are good ones.  Matt had brought Maddie last summer, so she was excited to go again.  We weren't sure how Lily would like it, but we thought it would be fun to bring her.    

Our seats were two rows behind the opposing team's dugout.  
Matt was pretty happy about that.
The girls were happy to be out at a game on a beautiful summer night.
During the 2nd inning, Lily turned to me and asked, "So, where are the ducks?"  LOL.  And that pretty much sums up the game for Lily.  She liked being there but had no clue what was going on, nor any real interest in what was going on.
Maddie, on the other hand, was SO into it.  She was paying close attention to the game, cheering, and loving every minute of it.  I'm glad for Matt that Maddie enjoys it so much.  They will have a lot of fun together at games as she grows up.
Lily had fun eating, playing on my phone, and watching the mascot, Quackerjack.
A few times between innings, he was right in front of us on the dugout.
The girls loved watching Quackerjack and his antics.
They got to meet Quackerjack (which Lily LOVED).
It was a beautiful summer night - perfect for a ballgame.