Monday, July 28, 2014

The Same, But Different

These three sisters are the same in so many ways.
They are all beautiful.

They are all sweet.

They are all strong willed.

They are all silly.

They are all funny.

They are smart.

They are all healthy, happy kids.

But as much as they are the same, they are so different too.

It never ceases to amaze me how three girls, growing up in the same house with the same parents, can be so different.  Their likes, their dislikes, their eating habits, their health history, their interests - it's incredible.

I knew they would each be unique and different in their own way.  But what surprises me the most, and something that I didn't know before I became a parent, is how differently each child needs to be disciplined.

For example, Maddie is extremely sensitive.  She will give herself up when she does something wrong. She is so hard on herself that we have to be careful about what we say to her.  She will get spoken to when she misbehaves, but needs to be done so in a gentle way because she takes everything to heart and is so hard on herself.   She sometimes needs a time out.   Her initial reaction is to getting in trouble or doing something wrong is to cry hysterically, so the time out is more for her to get herself together rather than for disciplinary reasons.  After an incident, it takes her a long time to move on and get past it.  Maddie's worst punishment is to lose things - an event, her American Girl doll, etc.

Lily, on the other hand, does not respond to a gentle reprimand.  She needs more of a stern talking to and a time out in order to stop an undesired behavior.  She will sit in time out and yell and scream, adding more and more minutes to her time, and then it all clicks for her and she calms herself down.  The minute time out is over, she moves on.   Lily doesn't feel strongly enough about any particular "thing" the way Maddie does.  So Lily may not lose something, instead she will go to time out.

I don't know how Annie will respond yet.  She is too little to know.  But I'm sure we will have to tailor our discipline to meet her needs as we have with the other two.

I love that these three girls are complete individuals with their own personalities.  I hope that throughout their life, even though they are sisters, the people they come into contact with are always able to learn their differences and understand what makes them each truly unique.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fabulous Friday 7/25

Today I'm linking up for Fabulous Friday.

ONE - Great Reads
I have been reading a lot this summer and I've read some really fabulous books. I loved all of them!

TWO - On My Reading List
There's still 39 days of summer left and I'm hoping to read a few more novels for fun:

And a few books to prepare for teaching 5th grade:

THREE - Lily-isms
Lily just cracks me up.   
She comes out with the funniest things, and I just love her little way of speaking.  She has so many phrases that she says that I don't want to forget. 

"Mommy, remember yesterday when we met Ariel and Snow White?"  
Yesterday = any day in the past (here she is referring to a trip to Disney that we took in January)

"Mommy, can we go to Disney World tomorrow?" 
 Tomorrow = any day after today

"I have a great idea.  Let's have a surprise!"  
Surprise = chocolate chips, marshmallows, teddy grahams, a cookie - any type of dessert

"Goodnight!  See you on Thursday!"  
She says this every. single. night.  We have no idea why she says Thursday, but Thursday it is.

FOUR - Summer Fridays
The most fabulous thing about Fridays in the summer is that Matt's office has summer hours and he's home by 4:00.  It's perfect for getting a head start on our weekend.   Tonight we're headed to the beach to play and have a picnic dinner.  

FIVE - A Royal Baby
I think Prince George is so adorable.  I love all the press about him this week with him turning one.  I have a little girl who would make a perfect match for him:
PHOTO: This photo dated July 2, 2014, was taken to mark Prince Georges first birthday and shows the Prince during a visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London.
 (photo courtesy of ABC News)
 Princess Annabel.  That has a nice ring to it!  

 Happy Friday!