Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dinner and a Movie

Last summer, Maddie and I came up with the idea to start having "Dinner and a Movie" nights.  Since the kids watch mainly Disney movies, we made a list of Disney movies and brainstormed foods to go with them.

Maddie was really creative with this and once we got started, she thought of so many great ideas.

Over the past year, we have watched and eaten the following:

"Sleeping Beauty" - we made pink pancakes (since she was sleeping, she would eat breakfast when she wakes up)

"Brave" - Shepherd's Pie

"Tangled" - angel hair pasta with braided breadsticks

"Peter Pan" - Pirate ship pizzas (french bread pizza) and fruit swords (kabobs)

"Monsters University" - monster meatball heroes and Mike Wazowski cupcakes

"Lady and the Tramp" - spaghetti and meatballs (of course!)

We make the themed food, and then eat it in the living room, picnic-style while we watch the movie.  The girls LOVE it.  It's such a treat for them to eat in the living room.

This past weekend, Matt was on a trip, so as a part of our Girl's Only Weekend, we had a dinner and a movie night.  We decided on "Beauty and the Beast".

We had french toast casserole:

and the grey stuff:
(It was delicious.  Don't believe me?  Ask the dishes!)
(To make the grey stuff, I bought vanilla pudding cups and mixed in a little black gel - the kind you would use for cake decorating - so easy!)

Happy girls!
(Note: Maddie loves a theme as much as I do!  She very thoughtfully selected her Eiffel Tower pjs to wear.  Love that kid!)

Simple.  Inexpensive.  So special.  We love our dinner and a movie nights.

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Spring Snapshot

**I wrote this post back in late April/early May and never got a chance to finish or publish it.  So, this is a little snapshot of what our life was like a few short months ago. Although some things have changed (Annie now stands and cruises), I didn't make any changes to what I wrote in the spring because I want to remember how it was. 

I want to record this time in our life so I can remember the little things about our life.  Time is flying by like an express train, and I know that as my kids get older, it is just going faster and faster.  So, I want to freeze this time and remember all of the little details, because in the big picture, the little things are really the big things.

We are currently a house that loves the shows "Sophia the First" and "Doc McStuffin".  The movie "Frozen" is all the rage around here - the songs are sung daily, the movie is watched as much as possible, and Elsa and Anna merchandise is impossible to come by in stores.  The kids play "Elsa and Anna" all the time.  They definitely have "Frozen" fever!  

Annie is growing and changing everyday as she is figuring out what she can do.  She is a full-fledged crawler and is starting to get into all sorts of trouble.  She really likes to empty the garbage can in the bathroom, tries to open every cabinet in the kitchen (thank God for child locks!), pull the shoes off the shoe rack, and is trying to figure out how to stand up while holding onto things.  She is an eating machine - she hasn't met a food she didn't like.  Annie is a genuinely happy baby.  She is good in the stroller or in a store as long as you keep moving and fed.  She is a great sleeper (thank God!).   Annie is becoming more independent and will play on her own for a while.  She loves to sit and look at books.  She loves music and will bop to the beat.  

Lily is a pip.  She's slight in stature but mighty in personality.  She wants to watch a movie everyday ("Frozen"), is very picky about what she eats (wants the exact same thing for every meal every day - waffles for breakfast, chicken nuggets or cold cuts for lunch, would eat pasta for dinner everyday if I let her, and likes goldfish or cheese-its for snack).  She does not like fruit (only applesauce) and the only vegetables she will eat are broccoli, corn, and green beans.  She has her own ideas and will throw a tantrum or scream when she doesn't get what she wants.  Everyday she asks for a "surprise" (teddy grahams and marshmallows).  She loves library classes, the splash park, the playground, and her sports and art classes at Gymboree.  She picks out her own clothes in the morning and is learning about matching.  She gets dressed and puts her shoes on by herself, but things are often backwards or on the wrong feet.  It doesn't seem to bother her.  She loves to go outside in the morning and get the newspaper for me.  She wants to do everything independently.  Lily still has tubes in her ears, so she has to wear her earplugs and headband when bathing or swimming. 

Maddie loved kindergarten and is "happy/sad" that the school year is coming to an end.  She's excited about all of the things we have planned for the summer, but sad for school to be over.  She loves everything about school and told me that her least favorite part of the school day is dismissal.  She is incredibly independent - cleans up, organizes things, sets the table, clears the table, makes her snack bags, watches her sisters when I have to do something.  She is reading like crazy and truly loves books.   She's been having some recurring reflux problems that we're trying to get a handle on with medication. Maddie takes swimming lessons once a week and plays soccer.  Her best friends are Matthew, Katerina, Julia, and Yumna.  

We're starting to get into a place where our kids are a little more independent.  Maddie and Lily can go in the backyard and play by themselves now.  We can get yard work done outside while all three girls play in the yard.  I can take a shower when the girls are all awake and trust that they'll be fine for 10 minutes.  It's a really nice phase to be in. 

That's a little snapshot of our life these days.  I just love it.